More than 60 years ago I bought my first  camera, an Argus C-3, a 35 mm rangefinder, loaded it with Kodachrome  (at ISO 10), and began an adventure that persists into the present. Shifting later to an SLR,  I continued shooting chrome throughout my film period, added printing and developing to  my skills, and learned to deal with the low dynamic range of the chrome process. When I acquired my first digital camera in 2003 I put film aside. Recently I discovered that digital cameras no longer require a prism and mirror so I've joined the mirrorless family. 
For many years I closed myself in a darkroom to develop slides and prints.  Switching to scanning slides  for printing led me to discover Photoshop, the darkroom for digital photographers. I've enjoyed learning its increasing power to make images more accurately depict what I see. When  it appeared, I immersed myself in Lightroom, primarily to manage my image library and to use its version of Adobe Camera Raw.
An educator before retirement, I enjoy teaching and learning photography. We pursue photography, not just because we are interested in camera mechanics, art history, or computer applications. Photography encompasses everything from acquiring images to presenting and preserving images. Learning is best accomplished within this larger framework.
I enjoy working with clients, understanding their goals and using jointly designed projects to support their objectives.
I hope you see the joy I've found in photography in these samples of my work. I'd be delighted to hear from you; use the Contact tab and send me an email.

Consulting with a client

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